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4 Steps to Improve BBL Graft Take

Introduction: 4 Steps to Improve BBL Graft Take

The success of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) graft take is predicated on optimizing the ability of your freshly transferred fat cells to re-establishing vascularity. Re-establishing vascularity is dependent on the ability of blood vascular freeways and channels to create connections to the introduced fat cells. Both you and your surgeon can take steps to optimize the ability of fat cells to re-establish the inflow and outflow of nutrients and delivery of oxygen to the cells. 

4 steps to improve BBL graft volume and take.
4 steps to improve BBL graft take and volume.

Your surgeon must take several measures to maximize the viability of the fat cells. First, using gentle liposuction techniques in the fat harvesting process helps avoid unnecessary insult to the vulnerable cells. By minimizing trauma to the donor site, the quality of the harvested fat is improved, leading to better results in the recipient area. This is best accomplished by using VASER liposuction which assists in teasing the fat cells away from their home.

The second maneuver requires expedited processing of fat cells during the transfer process. By minimizing the time the fat cells are out of the body, it is possible to maximize graft survival. The final maneuver requires the placement of fat cells in small aliquotes to maximize the surface-to-volume ratio. This precaution will maximize the ability of fat cells to regain a connection to the blood vessel infrastructure system. 

Following surgery, it is essential to take all precautions to optimize the ability of blood vessel systems to reconnect with the fat cells. 4 steps to improve BBL graft take have been identified that you can take to improve fat graft. All of these steps are intended to minimize either prolonged localized pressure or diffuse swelling that will prevent the vascular channels from growing up to the fat cells thereby ensuring their ultimate viability. 

4 steps to improve BBL graft take are included below:

Sleeping Correctly

After a Brazilian Butt Lift fat transfer, it’s important to sleep correctly to protect the results of the surgery and aid in the recovery process. The best sleep position is on your stomach, as this will help to avoid putting pressure on your newly transferred fat cells. If you are going to sleep on your back, make sure that you are turning or shifting your weight every hour. Side sleeping should be utilized especially if you have not had fat grafting to your hips, and it’s best to use pillows to support your body and avoid putting undue pressure on any areas that you have had fat transfer. In addition, make sure that you keep turning regardless of your preferred sleeping position to avoid prolonged pressure on any given buttock area. 

Avoiding prolonged pressure will avoid pinching off of vascular inflow from newly created blood vessel channels. In general, tissue can remain alive when they are provided blood flow even if interrupted at least once every two hours! In summary, sleeping correctly is the first step of the 4 steps to improve BBL graft take.

4 Steps taken to preserve BBL volumes gained during surgery
Our patients take 4 Steps to preserve BBL volumes gained during surgery

Wearing The Right Garments

After undergoing a BBL surgery, it is crucial to choose the right garments to support the healing process and ensure optimal results. It is important to avoid wearing tight or restrictive clothing that can put pressure on the newly transferred fat cells. Instead, opt for loose-fitting, breathable clothing to allow for proper circulation and reduce the risk of complications.

One of the most important garments to wear after a BBL surgery is a compression garment. These garments are designed to provide gentle pressure to the treated areas, to support the newly contoured body shape, and most importantly to avoid unnecessary swelling. It is recommended to wear compression garments for 3 to 6 weeks post-surgery to aid in the recovery process.

Unnecessary swelling must be avoided in the early postoperative period as it will create a barrier to the transfer of nutrients and oxygen to the fat cells. This is critical in the early postoperative period when concrete connections are still forming between the fat cells and the blood vessel system. In summary, wearing the right garments is the second step of the 4 steps to improve BBL graft take.

Eating a High-Protein Diet

To support the healing process and maintain the health of fat cells, it is important to incorporate protein-rich foods into your diet for two main reasons. Lean meats such as chicken, turkey, and beef, as well as fish, are great sources of protein and should be included in your daily meals. Additionally, dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are also high in protein and can help support the healing process. For those following a plant-based diet, sources of protein such as lentils, chickpeas, and tofu can be incorporated into your meal.

First, a high-protein diet will ensure that you are delivering healthy nutrients to your cells that have just survived a fat transfer process. Additionally, a high protein diet will increase the protein level in your bloodstream, which will increase the osmolarity of your bloodstream in the vessels which will create a favorable environment for your blood vessels to maintain the fluid in the vessels and thereby avoid unnecessary leakage of fluid into the soft tissues. The ability to preserve the blood in the blood vessels alone will minimize swelling, thereby maximizing graft survivability. In summary, eating a high-protein diet is the second step of the 4 steps to improve BBL graft take.

4 Measures to take following successful BBL to preserved volume
Our patient will follow 4 measures to preserve BBL volume

Sitting upright at all times

After undergoing surgery, especially a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), it is crucial to avoid sitting directly on your buttock properly for prolonged periods to ensure the survival of the transferred fat cells. This does not mean that you cannot sit at all. Indeed, sitting on your buttocks can create pressure that may impact the blood flow to areas where fat cell transfer has been performed. However, sitting upright is a completely safe posture. Let us explain why.

When you sit upright, as on a firm chair, you are sitting on the very bottom of your buttocks. On the bottom of your buttock are the bony ischiums on which everybody routinely sits. The reality is that fat is not transferred onto the buttock cheek and none is placed over the bony ischium. As a result, sitting upright all day will have no untoward effect on the viability of your transferred fat cells.

In conclusion, taking precautions to avoid sitting directly on the buttock check such as on a sofa, is crucial for successful surgery recovery, ensuring the survival of the transferred fat cells and achieving the desired results. A BBL pillow or a rolled-up towel can help relieve pressure and support the healing process if you are going to be sitting back on the sofa. However, sitting on a firm chair upright, even for hours, is completely safe. In summary, sitting upright at all times is the last step in the 4 steps to improve BBL graft take.

Conclusion: 4 Steps to Improve BBL Graft Take

Patient's buttock improvmeent immediately following BBL surgery.
Our patient’s buttock improved immediately following BBL surgery.

We have reviewed 4 steps to improve BBL graft take and maximize the results of Brazilian butt lift surgery. These steps all intend to optimize blood flow to the fat cells in the early postoperative period while blood flow has not officially been established.  Firstly, it is crucial to refrain from direct pressure on the buttock cheeks for at least 10 days post-surgery to ensure optimal blood flow and survival of the fat cells. This means sleeping on your stomach and avoiding sitting back on your cheeks on a sofa. Additionally, it is prudent to minimize swelling during this period by eating a high-protein diet and wearing your compression garments around the clock.  

By choosing the right BBL surgeon and team and complying with all of the provided postoperative steps, it is feasible to expect near-full retention of your BBL fat transfer volumes. We hope that you have found our blog about “4 Steps to Improve BBL Graft Take” helpful. You can appreciate superior outcomes by appreciating superior BBL outcomes presented by the lead author as published in a peer-reviewed journal article in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal.

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