NonSurgical Facelift with Attiva

NonSurgical Facelift with Attiva

Introduction: Nonsurgical Facelift with Attiva

The Nonsurgical facelift is a frequent request of patients at our centers. This is because patients do not wish to undergo a formal facelift. There are several reasons why patients may wish to avoid the traditional, invasive facelift. In fact, there are two specific patient populations that wish to avoid the surgical facelift. The first population includes younger patients aged in their late 30s and early 40s who do not wish to have the stigma of surgical incisions. The second population includes older patients in their late 60s and 70s who do not want an invasive surgery requiring general anesthesia typically due to their overall health. As such, the introduction of an internally administered radiofrequency tool, called ATTIVA, has made it feasible for these patients to tighten their facial soft tissues without the need for surgical incision or general anesthesia. The non-surgical facelift with ATTIVA provides patients an alternative to the more invasive surgical facelift to rejuvenate loose and sagging facial features.

Introducing the ATTIVA Non-Surgical Facelift

Experience a revolutionary alternative to traditional surgical facelifts with the ATTIVA non-surgical facelift. Discover the numerous benefits of this cutting-edge procedure:

Minimally Invasive: Our non-surgical facelift is performed right in our office, sparing you from the complexities of invasive surgery.

Stay Awake and Comfortable: Remain awake and at ease throughout the entire treatment, eliminating the need for general anesthesia.

Scar-Free: Say goodbye to unsightly scars – our procedure avoids incisions that could mar your skin.

No Pre-Treatment Infiltration: Unlike other treatments, there’s no need for the infiltration of fluids or gases before the procedure.

Immediate Results: Enjoy immediate improvements in your appearance, making it the perfect “lunchtime” rejuvenation.

Swift Recovery: Our quick recovery period ensures minimal income loss and zero disruptions to your social calendar.

Reduced Tissue Trauma: By minimizing mechanical trauma, we prevent unnecessary soft tissue injury and swelling.

Enhanced Safety: With external skin monitoring and temperature safety gauges, your skin’s safety is our top priority.

Convenient Post-Treatment: Say goodbye to frequent postoperative clinic visits, reducing inconvenience.

Upper, middle, and lower face treatment areas of a nonsurgical facelift.
Upper, middle, and lower face treatment areas of a nonsurgical facelift.

How Does the ATTIVA Non-Surgical Facelift Work?

The ATTIVA® Subdermal Induced Heat (S.I.H.) Technology is the culmination of five years of advanced scientific research, protected by three international patents. This proprietary technology utilizes triphasic radiofrequency energy waves, offering a multitude of healing benefits, including:

  1. Collagen Tightening: Contract and tighten collagen molecules in the soft tissues.
  2. Dermal Collagen Contraction: Contraction of collagen molecules on the dermal undersurface of the skin.
  3. Enhanced Vascular Flow: Promote ingrowth of vascular in-flow.
  4. Elastin Fiber Increase: Increase in elastin fibers.

These benefits effectively combat the undesirable facial changes brought on by aging, gravity, and sun damage. ATTIVA® S.I.H. Technology delivers remarkable aesthetic enhancements, ensuring minimal downtime, no scarring, and immediate results.

Mid face treatment with Attiva inlcudes the lower eyelids, mid cheek, and the jowls.
Mid face treatment with Attiva inlcudes the lower eyelids, mid cheek, and the jowls.

Why Choose the ATTIVA Non-Surgical Facelift?

Experience a groundbreaking approach to combating the effects of aging, sun damage, and loose skin without the need for general anesthesia and extended recovery periods. ATTIVA Subdermal Induced Heat (S.I.H.) Technology offers numerous advantages not found in any other medical device, making it an efficient, safe, and affordable choice.

Submental region nonsurgicical radiofrequency with Attiva.
Submental region nonsurgicical radiofrequency with Attiva.

ATTIVA Facelift Treatment Packages

Package 1: Brow and Eyes – $3000

  • Forehead/Brow Lift: $2000
  • Upper eyelids: $2000

Package 2: Upper Face – $3000

  • Lower eyelids: $2000
  • Cheek Lift: $2000

Package 3: Lower Face and Neck – $4000

  • Jowl Reduction: $2000
  • Chin & Neck Contouring: $3000


  • Brows, Upper eyelids, Lower eyelids, and Cheeks: $6000
  • Brows, Upper eyelids, Lower eyelids, Cheeks, Jowls, and Neck: $8000
Peri-oral Attiva treatments showcasing a unique nonsurgical facelift.
Peri-oral Attiva treatments showcasing a unique nonsurgical facelift.

Conclusion: Nonsurgical Facelift with ATTIVA

A nonsurgical facelift is a reality taking advantage of internally administered radiofrequency energy. Experience the future of nonsurgical facelifts with ATTIVA. Rejuvenate your appearance safely and affordably NOW!

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