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Liposuction For Men

Introduction: Liposuction for Men

Liposuction for men is the fastest-growing sector in the body contouring arena. Men are more inclined to seek out cosmetic surgery today than at any time in history. Areas of interest in liposuction for men include masculinization of the chest, elimination of the love handles, squaring off of the buttock, and abdominal etching.

Differences Between Male and Female Liposuction

While the liposuction procedure is similar for both men and women, there are key differences in the treatment areas and fat composition. Men often have fibrous tissue around fat, making its removal more challenging. However, men’s thicker skin can result in better contouring post-procedure. Treatment areas also differ, with men typically focusing on the abdomen, chest, and flanks, and women more often targeting hips, thighs, and abdomen.

Innovations in Male Liposuction Techniques

Advancements like 4D liposuction have brought a new dimension to male body contouring. This technique goes beyond mere fat removal, sculpting the muscles to create a chiseled look, such as a defined six-pack. The procedure takes into account both the static and dynamic appearances of muscles, offering results that resemble a superhero physique.

Masculinization of the chest

Masculinization of the chest requires flattening of the chest while making the chest borders bold and linear. This masculinization is achieved with a combination of fat and gland removal over the central chest and fat transfer along the lower and vertical medial aspect of the chest. The fat transfer specifically is intended to provide the male chest with linear borders and create a pentagonal shape.

Liposuction for Men.
Liposuction for Men.

Elimination of love handles

Elimination of prominent love handles is a priority of most men. It seems that men universally have a difficult time losing their love handles. Liposuction for men focuses on the elimination of love handles by removing all of the fat from the lower back and flanks. This procedure will create the desired “V” line on the back and create a sleek appearance on the front with a desirable concave contour located just below the hip bones. When the love handles are extensive and associated with skin redundancy, then an advanced non-excisional and minimally invasive procedure called Renuvion J plasma is used to tighten skin laxity.

Squaring off the buttock

The male buttock like the chest must be bold and linear. This is created by squaring off the buttock outline. This masculinization of the buttock is achieved by liposuction of the central buttock if it is rounded to make it more like a plateau. Also, fat can be added along the upper lateral buttock where the gluteus medius muscle is located and along the lower lateral buttock to create a more masculinized square buttock.

Abdominal etching

Abdominal etching is the mainstay of liposuction for men and serves to create the illustrious six-packs. Even if you are an avid workout gym rat and you live a healthy lifestyle, it may feel impossible to show off your abdominal muscles.

This is because abdominal muscle highlights can only be seen when your body fat content is less than 10%. This can be typically achieved by elite athletes who have dedicated their lives to their physical fitness. Only about 1% or 1 out of 100 men possess a metabolic rate that can achieve this appearance. However, with the advent of high-definition liposuction, now it is feasible to unveil your rectus six-packs, your serratus, and external obliques in a matter of two hours! Male abdominal liposuction has gained in popularity over the last decade.

Conclusion: Liposuction for Men

Liposuction for men is a unique niche that requires unique expertise. The use of VASER liposuction, which uses an ultrasound wave energy, to remove fat is essential. The importance of VASER technology use in men is twofold. First, men’s soft tissues are more collagenous making fat removal more strenuous. Emulsifying fat allows cosmetic surgeons to optimize fat removal in male clients. Second, men are more apt to desire abdominal etching which is predicated on comprehensive and selective removal of fat from the abdominal region in an attempt to unveil muscle highlights. Emulsifying fat with ultrasound energy is integral to achieving this task. 

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